Friday, January 16, 2015

Midwinter dessert

Midwinter, warm food required.  So I made a pot of soup from green beans,frying peppers and bell peppers , with the shells of the garlic from roasting garlic, big sprig of curry leaves, the last of the Worcestershire sauce, must put it on shopping list, and made a great pot of green soup.  With croutons from the trusty castiron pan. One helping for lunch, three more in the freezer, one in the fridge.

Then I finished up the current pancake mix, the almond flour one, which came out fluffy as ever (half cup of ap flour, one cup almond) and stuffed two pancakes with frozen berries, poifect midwinter fruit.  

You see one done and one waiting to be flipped and finished. The rest of the berries in the dish, and I spooned the juice over the finished pancakes.  Ina Garten has nothing on me!

I don't buy "fresh" fruit in winter, since it isn't, and it tastes like items which have been puffed with various preservative gases and shipped thousands of miles to my store. After you buy fruit which really is fresh from the farm, it ruins you for the substitute apple- and peach-like things in the stores right now.

Anyway, leaping nimbly off one hobby horse and onto another one, I have a herd of them in the paddock, I'm about to make walnut flour this afternoon.  

The trick with oily nuts like almonds and walnuts is to grind them just enough to reduce them to powder without doing that one extra second which will make them butter.  It's okay if that what you wanted, but right now I would like to add to my flour repertoire.

To wit: lentil, split pea, oat, chickpea, almond. I might consider peanut flour, too.  I hate peanut butter, so I have to be careful not to make it by accident.  Okay, off to bring fodder to my hobby horses milling about out there.

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  1. I just bought frozen raspberries as an experiment, and have been wondering what special thing to do with them. Maybe I'll try your timely pancake idea - thanks!
    It felt downright decadent to buy berries instead of just, you know, waiting another 6 or 8 months to pick a few wild ones, but as you say it is hard to get a fresh fruit experience in winter. so in a sort of mild desperation I decided to give storebought frozen berries a try. I didn't get enough apples in time to freeze slices this year...almost missed the cider season as well. When I made my third stock-the-freezer trip to the orchard, they were sold out of apples and cider! That'll teach me. Buy early! Buy lots!

    I am enjoying picturing your hobby horse herd. Nice thing about those horses...they're easy keepers and cheap to feed. And they live as long as we want them to! :)


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