Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cats, Hobbyhorses, Meditating and the Monkeymind 6WS

Recently I've reintroduced meditation into the morning routine, and notice that the cats notice instantly when I start, then sit with or on me, and the second I stop, jump down and stroll away,even if I'm still just sitting.  No idea how they know, but they are tuned in.

They are naturals at not doing anything but let things pass before them, exactly as meditation aims to do and mine so rarely does.  

My monkeymind, never stopping its headlong rush in all directions, gathers up all the hobbyhorses from the fields and leaps on now this one, now that one, and creates dialogs some funny, some indignant, all irrelevant. 

What's that galloping by?  horse? monkey?

 I have to remember to let the ideas go on their way, not to follow up new art ideas, if they're good they'll come back,  not to continue dialogs from decades ago, and resume the breathing and counting, and most of all not to judge whether a session has been "good" or not.  It just is.  That's the hardest thing of all for me to grasp. 

It was a monkey riding on a horse..

All these animals milling around get in the way!


  1. funny and apt, Liz; welcome to the land of the Terminally Alert...

  2. Meditation and my brain do not compute. I took yoga classes for several years and never ever did I manage to get the meditation part down. My mind is just too busy and I just plain get antsy.

  3. Monkey on a horse Ha Ha. Aside from all that, interesting fabric the cats are reclining on.

  4. Meditation in my opinion is more about the effort than the result. At least I hope so, because I have a mind full of monkeys and they are usually playing charades!


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