Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chocolate and Light Bulbs and Rings and Things

Handsome Son comes to visit this evening to transact a bit of family business, and while he's here I will Feed Him.  He's going to get a newly made bowl of cabbage and pumpkin soup, followed by corn pancakes.

Then after we've done our paperwork, he's going to accept his father's commitment ring, from when Handsome Partner and I exchanged rings in a nice private ceremony, as a commitment without a legal piece of paper. 

It seemed good to offer his ring to his son, whose exquisite tact with his parents' rollercoaster of a fifty year relationship deserves some token of respect!  You last saw this ring on HP's hand in the picture I took right after he died.

It will go with the signet ring his dad got from his own father on coming of age, made with Glasgow high carat gold, very significant to two Glaswegian men.  HP gave this to HS at my suggestion, years ago, so they could both enjoy the exchange, rather than just leaving it to his son when he wasn't there to see it.

And the dark chocolate is too dark for my taste, given to me, but will work for him.  Also lightbulbs, since I replaced a lot of mine with LED ones, bright white, which I love, and which have shown up some dusty areas I need to attend to.I also have the curly mercury laden ones which he doesn't want and I will offer on Freecycle.

Speaking of Freecycle, I gave away a bag of my clothes this morning, including some nice crisp dress shirts and good sweaters and various other items, and the picker up emailed me back with the most appreciative note, saying they're exactly right for her plans to interview for a new job in the next few weeks, she's so thrilled.  So am I.  They had been just hanging there, nice but not exactly my style, so now they're in a happier home.

So today is full of quiet drama in one way and another.


  1. Lovely post of ordinary things that matter.

  2. yes, very moving in a quiet way, and thoughtful. I like the way you approach things, Liz.

  3. These sorts of dramas are nice - not like the sort when you know a massive storm is bearing down on you and all hatches must be battened (lest they be battered?).

  4. What a wonderful post about things moving on to their rightful places. So important to keep things moving.

  5. I love how you rehome things and the beautiful stories that you write to go along with it. It makes me feel like I am pulling up a chair on your deck and sharing stories over tea.


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