Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pink, cream, brown -- outfit or icecream? 6WS

This has been amusing me for a while, the realization that I seem to choose outfits influenced by food colors.  

I was complimented recently on a cream turtleneck, pink cardi (with a Saks label, cashmere, from the thrift store) and dark brown pants outfit, and noticed that it's also van/choc/straw, i.e. the Neapolitan look!

And another favorite combo, tan, white and black, is exactly like Bassett's Licorice Allsorts...those sandwich ones.  

The vest I crocheted without a pattern, a simple double crochet, which I like a lot. But I digress.  And when I see a  pink and black combo I instantly think, ah licorice allsorts, britcandy.

Oddly, since in the UK when I was growing up, we didn't call that black stuff licorice. We called it spanish!  licorice was a kind of twig you gnawed on, getting your mouth all yellow, but it was cheap and nutritious as a substitute candy that your mom gave you when you yearned for something to chew on in those wartime and austerity days when there was no candy, no icecream, nothing that could remotely be considered a treat in the shops.  

And after you angrily refused a carrot, the nearest your mom could get to something sweet, she'd direct you to the shop to get a licorice root.  It did take hours and hours to chew on, probably a good thing for peace in the home.

So this is the sort of trivia I muse on when I'm picking out my clothes for the day.  Takes all sorts.  Or Allsorts.


  1. Haha! I also refer to some of my outfits as Licorice AllSorts! I love brown, black, and cream combos, sometimes with a little bit of an added color. Where else do you see that combination? I think it's beautiful.
    Plus, I love Licorice AllSorts!

  2. Very interesting bits of information about the licorice root. :)

  3. Ha! I'd completly forgotten about "spanish" but certainly remembered chewing licorice.

  4. You'd have liked the note I saw in a herb dictionary I was freecycling, which referred to licorice root, complete with nice drawing, as an item that very aged people might remember chewing on!

    Mike and I fell about laughing at that after I told him I was one of these ancients. He's very tactful, considering that to him well, I probably am ancient.

  5. Fun concept! I wouldn't be able to play along tho' because my stock outfit is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Having giraffe-legs means dress pants aren't on my radar and those I have are kept for special occasions.


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