Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Did I Get Into This? 6WS

The Sorting of the Studio is getting past the idle thinking stage and into the execution part.  To date I have two gigantic bags of paper to recycle, and large numbers of old print photos and slides which I will never again have any interest in seeing.  

I did hold onto a few pix for Handsome Son, though, didn't count on the emotional meltdown of finding pix of Handsome Partner younger, still walking, cheerful, but I struggled on and just saved a few.  Also found a pic of the Great Me on the day I graduated from the uni, gosh all that hair!  so young!  

And sorting HP's tools and toolbox, amazing that they should have such emotional bandwidth, too.  A friend is taking the box and some of the tools I won't use, this morning. This is good. They'll be in good hands.  I'm amazed at the number of screwdrivers we amassed between us, and pliers and hammers.  I guess when we blended households we didn't thin out the tool department.

I needed to rest after an hour, hadn't realized I'd tackled the hardest part first, but now I'm ready to resume.  I have plans for quite a few items already.

Next I'm bagging and boxing items that are kid friendly and can be freecycled.  A lot of my printmaking inks and materials really need to be in adult hands, partly because of the quality, partly because of the techniques they need.  But I have an idea for those, too.

The bad part about reorganizing and tossing is that once you start, the place looks worse than before, until you make a bit more headway than I have to date.  Next weekend HS is coming over to lend his time and strength to move big stuff out, yay.


  1. Interesting that today would have been my dad's 120th birthday, but he didn't make it past 63. Just musing here.

  2. I think I need you to come and give me some assistance when I get back to the UK, Liz! I need to have a massive clear out. I'm currently in Australia and my sil has just handed me a folder of my teenage artwork, which my mother, and then my brother had held on to. It won't be coming back on the plane with me, but my sil told me I am not to tell my brother that (he's far too sentimental!). None of it is good, so that'll be in the recycle bins too!

  3. It is such an exhausting task to undertake but such an exhilarating feeling when done. Good luck chipping away at it!

  4. Decluttering can be so exhausting. at least you have the hardest part of to done. You are very good at re-homing things so I have no doubt they will all go to good homes.


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