Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Glasses. Out to Get Me 6WS

Yesterday was one of those starts-out-simple-gets-complicated kind of early mornings.  I woke early, took my early morning pill with the entire glass of water they insist must be finished, switched the pill bottle with the one that alternates with it daily, put away the day's bottle, fell back asleep again.  All very usual and uneventful. All done on automatic.

The scene of the crime

Woke again ready to get up, feel about for my glasses without which I'm a bit hampered, and there they weren't.  Usually they're on bedside table, along with the book I read last night.  Not there.

Searched the floor all around the bed in case dear Duncan had knocked them down, which he sometimes does. Pulled out the massive bed a little way in case he'd hidden them back there, something he used to do as a kitten during the night. 

 Possible culprit

fleeing the scene of the crime in case she gets blamed

Not too farfetched an idea, since he's started with some kitten behavior lately, such as burrowing under the blankets and playing with my toes, ouch.  No glasses there.

Stripped the entire bed in case the glasses had got in there when I fell asleep.  Decided, since the bed was now stripped and no glasses in evidence anyway, I may as well change the bed, did so.  No glasses.

 Put your glasses on and peer at this picture.  Clues here.

Couldn't imagine where else they might be. Not in robe pocket, how could they have got into a drawer by themselves..but anyway I opened the bedside table drawer and they leapt out!  had evidently slid in and got partly trapped in there when I shut the drawer earlier. Completely invisible to the seeker who had no glasses on.

Duncan exonerated, I put the glasses firmly on my face -- I had actually checked my face several times in the course of the search because I've been known to lose my glasses on my head, sigh -- and went off for a restorative cup of coffee.

I think it's glasses revenge for fainting on them and bending them a while back.


  1. Did you happen to come across my cellphone? Because I had it last Friday.

  2. Optional equipment when purchasing glasses should be those gadgets they use on key chains. Just a clap or two would save a whole lot of hassle. I spend half a day looking for my confounded glasses!! Enjoyed your story and can identify completely!
    aka Mrs Noofy

  3. I have six pair of readers, of varying styles, strengths, and virtues. There are times when all of them disappear (you're right, always check the cat, Charlie has been known to carry them off like a well furred jackdaw), and I have to resort to my husband's, which are milder mannered and never quite strong enough--one by one they return, as in, "oh, THERE they are" buried in the bottom of my purse, or on the console of the car--and sooner or later they all end up together in some kind of optical chataqua on the kitchen table...

    and then it starts all over again. I too lose mine on top of my head, and sometimes in the pocket of the coat i was wearing a month ago--

    Quinn, ill keep an eye out for your phone, one never knows about these things...

  4. I'm very nearsighted. I try to put my glasses on the upstairs bathroom vanity every night. When I don't, I have to walk around and squint, trying to find them. If I set them down on something, like on top of laundry, it's like they disappear into the fabric.

  5. We must have been sisters in another time.

  6. Of course you heard me telling you to look in your pant leg - because we both know that some things to end up hiding there.

  7. How very sneaky glasses are, I misplace mine all the time. I am convinced they go on grand adventures and then sneak back; as additional insult to injury they lay themselves in what seems to be the most obvious place to look for them, just to make me feel silly.


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