Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A First in the Life of Boud

In all the adventures I've ever undertaken, I've never taken part in a bookclub. Heeding the warnings of various bookclub experts, I looked around, eliminated one whose leader I've known and oh well, for years, and moving right along, another one whose choices were a bit trite, some who met in private homes with no fixed leader, and finally have joined a local libe club.

It's yet another library. I now use three of them. I'm becoming a connoisseur of libes. anyway, this group is not only based in the library, which provides the meeting place and coffee and cookies, but two librarians who know the books, choose them, and are very good at running the meeting. I went to my first one today, a bit hesitant, but found it was great fun, friendly group, and really stayed on the subject of the book at hand which EVERYONE HAD READ! big deal right there. Intelligent discussion, too, not just oh, I loved it, oh I didn't.

And they arrange to have enough copies available for members to take the next month's selection home right away to get into. By the time I arrived home with my copy of the January book, there was an email with the listing for the whole of 2012 already in my mailbox. This is great. I feel very taken care of.

I think I could start to enjoy this. I kind of forced myself to go, feeling a bit down,and the weather and all that, just as I forced myself to go out to Recorder Society last night,and had a great time there, too.

Bit by bit, I'm building a new life. Sounds very dramatic put like that. Well, it is dramatic! I've sent in my signup for a daylong recorder workshop in March, first time in years I've been able to get there and have a natter with me mates.

So the new mantra: don't just sit there, go out to your group!


  1. Joining a group, particularly when it's run well, is pretty much always good. It sounds like this club is perfect for you.

  2. I invariably enjoy those outings which I have to really drag myself out of the house for. Good on you for getting into something new and making a booking for something old that you enjoy.

  3. At the clinic where I worked in Toronto several of our staff would read a book, pass it 'round, keeping the plot secret until all had read it. One book, four people - sometimes to enter the staff room and the conversation would suddenly stop, expressions on faces, they who had finished the book discussing it amongst themselves. Eventually the last person would finish, then we'd all discuss it. Very informal, casual, but fun. It was always interesting to pick up on others insights, little things one would notice, another had missed. Hope you continue to enjoy this - sounds like fun! - Jean in Cowtown


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