Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Holidays Are On, I Have Spoke

So I did my extensive Christmas decorating yesterday, which consists of getting the ceramic creche out, dusting it, and setting it up in the Ds and Tinies and Animals' territory. That's it for decorating. There may be one or two cards sent, very few this year, bear with me, not quite up to much. But this is My Bit, and I'm doing it.

Not easy to distribute the Halleluia cards equitably, without getting them bitten or scrunched, so I did it quick and got the pictures before they became confetti.

There may be a couple of expeditionary forces delivering goodies here and there, we'll see...the thing is that I have to get this done before I get too old, next week containing my birthday, how did I get here so fast?

The Animals had a brisk discussion with the Ds about who gets to go on trips this year, and after a few growls and demonstrations of teeth from the As, the Ds decided a dignified retreat to the clubhouse to make hot rum punch was in order. As they pointed out, it's the only kind of punch they can do.


  1. and after all, what is a creche without the omnipresent giraffe...

  2. Oh dear - I must need to clean my glasses because for some reason I read 'clubhouse' as 'outhouse' and sat here in some amazement wondering why the D's would make hot rum punch in an OUTHOUSE. Come to think of it though - I wouldn't put it past them!

  3. I've been in a couple of outhouses. I wouldn't linger in one, even for free booze.


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