Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mixed media, many decisions

This is a kind of running commentary on a fiberart piece I'm working on, or maybe it's working on me. It's one of the three silk panels that I dyed and showed you some time ago, using coffee.

After seeing them on the wall for a while, I've started to realize the next steps in getting this to be an actual artwork. It's going to be a mix of embroidery, using the natural forms the coffee dye created, and metallic brush pen work, together and separately. If you're interested in more musings from the artist, go here.

But for now, for general purposes, this is panel one, or maybe three, who knows,they're not joined yet. Some embroidery, some brush strokes, but in this color group. The other panels will be different color groups, but will probably work together because of the background. I zoomed in

on two major sections, about two thirds altogether of the panel.

I'm a bit limited in how long I can embroider, since my hands, though much better than a few months ago, are still a bit nervous about pushing a needle through a resistant fabric, but there's time.


ari_1965 said...

This is nifty, Boud. Very interesting to see it in progress, too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

At first I thought this was rusted, which would be very hard to stitch through. Coffee should be a bit easier (and smell much better too!). It's going to be interesting to watch this evolve.