Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus Time, and the Festivus Pole makes its annual appearance

It's time, among all the maelstrom of Solstice, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, for Festivus, the Festival for the Rest of Us, immortalized by George's father, on Seinfeld.

So the local population decided they could get behind today's Recital of the Grievances. You have to hold the Festivus Pole while you do this, it's like a talking stick. And it was useful in beating back the crowds in the household wanting to get their words in, and reducing the delegations to a representative manageable number.

Blondie Firstborn: Gimme that stick! I just want to say I was here first. Perfect, beautiful, blonde, even, and then what? all these other Dollivers showed up. Why, why? wasn't I enough? we had to get Call me Michelle, and Dreads and NameMe and Bette Davis, too, and share all the dresses? I could have five of these pink dresses right now, all mine, all different styles, if I didn't have to share, I could drive the clubhouse anywhere without a debate, I could have ALL the earrings at once, hey, where's my pole gone??

We took it. The housing situation in this neighborhood is just terrible. Far too many of us being asked to squash into one chair. We want more chairs. More furniture. Reading lights. Nightstands. Little bowls of candy.

Nemmind about that, give us that pole thing. We animals demand a greater say in the running of this blog. We're not just comic relief, you know. We have a role in the great circle of life. Which could include nicer fodder, while you're at it. Meanwhile, we stake our claim to this jungle, and here's the stake to prove it. Oh look out, that giant meat animal just took the pole away..

Listen, a feller can't get a quiet afternoon's sleep around here without marching and protests and slogans shouted all over, so cool it before I roll over on the lot of you.

And once again, Duncan the Peacemaker quiets the madding crowd and lets Boud have a nice winter cup of tea and a read at my ancient Nancy Mitford.


  1. Vocal lot, aren't they. Ah well, wish them a very merry Christmas anyway and a very happy day to you too.

  2. Festivus for the rest of us - this is re-enacted at our annual lobby turkey dinner in our vertical village. We have quite a cast of characters in our condo, and while the turkey dinner is "supposed" to be a time to meet, greet and interact with our community it invariably brings with it those people with their agendas. Last year several little old ladies had to be escorted back to their suites, having overindulged in the wine, someone else tried to make off with a lemon meringue pie, this year was much quieter. The holidays, with all their baggage - Bah Humbug! - Jean in Cowtown

  3. Just no pleasing some people. Ah well.


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