Friday, December 16, 2011

Despatches from the Front. And the Inside

Yesterday was undoubtedly one of the best natal days I've had in years and years. I think there was a pent-up need among friends to do something nice and here was the perfect reason to do it! what with greetings via email, cards, notes, gifts from friends, wonderful sudden lunch invitation to lovely Girija's for lunch, indian foods cooked from scratch and perfectly great, bouquet from sister Irene, which arrived right after I got home after lunch, all was just excellent!

My plan to loll about had to wait till late afternoon, after a brisk walk to recover from the great lunch.

One birthday gift was Belgian chocolate truffles, rich and I was careful to have only a few of them with a glass of wine, which constituted dinner. And discovered later that my aging system rose up in anger against the assault on my innards! agonizing heartburn for half the night, just about able to tear open the little pink pills, encased in impregnable plastic, and fight back. Ow. So now I know. If you don't have chocolate for a long long time then have some, since I'm not a big chocolate person, it's much more of a challenge than you might have thought....or maybe the wine was too heady a combo!

All fine today, though, maybe I'm immunized now...we'll see. Nonetheless, still the best birthday for years and years, and thank you everyone who helped add to it!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it all (except for heartburn). Thanks for sharing your pleasure.

  2. Hmmmm - perhaps (just perhaps) eating just one Belgian truffle each day might be the remedy for heartburn...b'sides, that would make them last longer! Happy day after.

  3. Double ow to the heartburn. I've only had it a couple of times myself and not at all nice. I've even resorted to drinking bicarb in water to try and sort it. I think Magpie's remedy is very good - a chocolate a day. I only wish I could stop at one.


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