Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice from the Dollivers

After a lot of tedious pressure exerted by us, Boud finally got off the dime and made us our Solstice Dresses. All different. And golden bouquets. And hats. And we chose the picture we liked best after a lengthy photo opp. which Boud did not appreciate at all. Just because Marigold the cat kept on wanting to help with our hats. We think Boud's planning to flounce away any time now.

Anyway, never mind her, Happy Winter Solstice from us all! and here's to more daylight and more dresses.


  1. Very swish new dresses. The only problem with you looking forward to longer days is that I now must look forward to shorter days. Happy Solstice.

  2. Well, D's, you have more dresses than I do! These are very fetching.

  3. oooh, aren't we elegant!! Happy Solstice to you and the Dollies.


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