Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seen today, and another little gift

Made from part of the yarn I received this week, is this little shoulder purse, destined for a teen who doesn't read in here. Not very visible in the picture is the nifty little lace band in its midst. Purse is knitted, strap is crocheted and runs up one side, across the top and back down the side, so it's unlikely ever to come off.

And out on my walk this morning, I saw a natural sculpture, which looks like a late Michelangelo

Meanwhile, curled up in a cosy nook in another tree, a little squirrel was sunbathing out of the wind

until I came along and disturbed him, so he glared at me until I went away. He didn't leave his niche, I guess in case I swiped it.

Verdict on the chocolate cake: it all went in no time, so I guess we liked it. HS did mention he liked my other lighter version better, but since he was on his second slice at the time, I figured this was still a positive restaurant review.

All that was left were a few dashes of confectioner's sugar. 10X, as good cooks know it. I remember my excellent cook friend MC giving me a recipe, handwritten on a card, which specified 10X sugar, and I asked her what's ten times sugar, for pity's sake? so she kindly explained that I would know it as confectioner's sugar. It's Ten~X not ten times... Icing sugar to other folks, too. Oh.


  1. No cake left is definitely a big tick. Nice colours in the yarn you have made the pouch from. I'm sure a teen will be more than pleased with it.

  2. Don't feel too badly because I bet there's a bunch of us (myself included) who didn't know what 10X sugar was.


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