Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Hanukkah!

Dolliver BetteDavis won the scuffle to present the greetings for the first day of Hanukkah to blogistas who celebrate it. Some of you are in the time zone where it's already begun, some not, so this is an average posting time.

No dreidels around these days, though we were first introduced to them with HS came home from school with a little blue top thing which I didn't recognize, and I made sure it was a gift, evidently his whole class got a little dreidel. But I had no idea what it was about, so before I let him have it, I consulted with my friend at work, my guru on all things Jewish. Whereupon she burst out laughing and explained it's a TOY, doofus, give it to him to PLAY with! so I did.

The thing was that I didn't know how sacred it might be, and as a cradle Catholic I would have cringed if I'd seen a kid playing with, say, a rosary, as if it were a plaything. So all was well, he got to play with it, and he learned the dreidel song, and applied it at random to all kinds of other things at will. Oh teddy, teddy, teddy, etc., as little kids will.

Meanwhile, back at the Ds. clubhouse, there's a lot of loose talk about how Hanukkah means a new dress every day for eight days...we'll see how far that goes.


  1. A new dress every day for eight days? That sounds like an awful lot of knitting/sewing/whatever. Paper dresses sound good.

  2. And latkes - 8 days of latkes - what's not to love about latkes? Start grating those spuds, Boud - Jean in Cowtown

  3. New duds for eight days? Hmmmm - methinks the D's need to learn to sew!


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