Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dollivers Play Secret Santa

The Dollivers did a bit of Christmas baking, gingerbread, to be exact and posed before the delivery was made to our friends at the libe. We snook it into their staff breakroom while nobody was there, and hope it goes over well. We did keep back a piece or two to make sure it was okay for giving..this was one trip the Animals couldn't be trusted with, since the chance of more than a few crumbs reaching their destination was fat to none. But our tasters assure us that this was up to snuff. Definitely Santaworthy.

Nothing like a bit of baking and delivery to cheer a person up who, truth be told, is struggling a bit with the season at the moment.


  1. Doing wonderful little things like this is what the spirit of the season is all about...much more than all the glitz and trappings in the stores. I recognize that card in the background and suspect it might come from the same source!

  2. I absolutely love gingerbread and yours looks delicious. I only wish I worked at your local libe. What a nice thought. I'm sure they loved it.


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