Friday, December 30, 2011

A Good Omen! the snow goose

Out walking today, feeling better and better now that Christmas is receding into history, and we did okay, and even enjoyed it, more than just getting through it. And I scored a wonderful freecycle receiving thing of clothes, some of which I passed on again in my turn, beautiful stuff but for a much younger wearer. I now have three pairs of dress pants, black, navyblue and brown, all of which fit and look fine, and several tops ditto.

I passed on some great stuff too, to other grateful freecyclers. I've had great experiences with other freeyclers, kindred spirits. Several of them wrote condolence notes after HP died, though they'd never met him, and even made calls on me at home. One man who just found out, said I was NOT to spend money on repairs to my car before consulting with him and his mechanic friends for a look at it, since they're all shade tree mechanics! Very protective group, I'd say.

That's the other part of the equation. To me thrifting and freecycling are not just about saving money and not just about sparing the earth, though they're important to me, it's also about living very well, finding friends in unlikely places, looking sharp, not as if I'm wearing old stuff! even if I am... sometimes when a friend likes my outfit and says so, I laugh inside since it usually cost me close to zero, other than a few minor alterations. Shopping for fresh food, cooking from scratch means eating well and cheaply at the same time. Giving plants from my garden to freecyclers and receiving some, too, makes a good community feeling. Anyway, I like this life.

Wonderful skies today

and there on the pond, busted! are hundreds of Canada geese who've been flying around in dramatic v shaped skeins, honking and bragging about migrating, yes, we're really migrating this year, we are, honest.

And here they are a mile away lolling about on the pond, walking distance from where they were flying.

Among them, calling their bluff, is a snow goose, one of the geese who really do migrate thousands of miles and just occasional stop over here for a couple of hours' rest and rec. before taking off again.

It's a good omen!


  1. The river here has just frozen over in the past two days, so our resident geese (and mallard ducks) have moved on). I suspect they aren't too far away and should the river open up again, they'll be back. Our local freecycle group isn't very active, unfortunately...but I'm an avid thrift store shopper!

  2. It makes good sense to reuse and move stuff around. Thankfully more people are coming around to this way of thinking. I go to my local charity shop most days I'm at work and am constantly amazed at what people put out. Anyway Liz wishing you a happy, healthy and thrifty new year

  3. Beautiful skies. I like the idea of free-cycling for all of the reasons you have stated. We need more of it in the world.


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