Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Great Grow Your Blog Giveaway 2015

Since the Dollivers and Duncan, along with Elton are a vital part of the ongoing life of art around here, they took part in the drawing.  You see the acorn award they're holding onto till the last minute.  Wait till they hear they can't keep it.

The drawing went like this:  I wrote out all the entrants' names on a sheet of paper, cut them into slips, one slip per person, rolled and crumpled them, spilled them out and invited Duncan to choose. I thought he might put a paw on one or something.

However he chose the moment to make a political statement, and sat on them.  

When he stood up, one slip was attached to his tail, and that became his choice.  Oh well.  But it was still his choice, whatever part of his body he selected for indicating it...

and the Blondie Firstborn obligingly held it for us to see who the winner is.

And the winnah is.....drum roll.....Quinn!!  beloved goat wrangler and knitter and photographer and farmer.  Her blog, Comptonia, is an endless source of learning and pleasure.

Anyway, Quinn, get Piper to send me your mailing address and I'll send off your acorns as soon as the PO opens after the holiday.

This could hardly have been a more random drawing, when you think of it...

Elton is playing us off the stage with California Here I Come, a comment on the current weather in this part of the world, Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May, Blog of my Heart and his new signature tune Teddy Bears' Picnic.  Since he got that sweater set, stolen from another bear, he's unstoppable.

But before we leave, thank you all for taking part with such good humor and inviting me to your blogs, too, and generally enlarging my blogworld significantly.  And to Vicki! of Two Bags Full,  who ran this huge event yet again, generously and with amazing organization.  Much appreciated.


  1. TOO FUNNY!!!!
    Also, I am so excited to win your lovely creation! You KNOW how I feel about trees :)
    And I love Duncan's selection process. Political statement is always more powerful when it has a functional outcome, wouldn't you agree, Duncan?
    Gosh, Boud. You know how they say "what're the odds?" Well, crikey, what're the odds?!

  2. Hiya, just dropping in to let you know that you're a winner of my little giveaway! If you drop me an email ( with your address I'll try and get it in the post next weekend!

    Rae x

  3. Duncan has a new career in the offing I think! Congratulations Quinn - I'm joining you in receiving something from Boud (with a little help from Duncan too!)


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