Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Westminster 2015 at the Dolliver Kennels

So a beagle won!  that must be Darwin having his say yet again..see earlier blogpost about beloved family beagle from son's childhood.

Meanwhile, since the Dolliver Kennels does not sport a beagle, wrangler NameMe decided to wear her best red dress instead of a tight suit, and the group gathered around to see the proceedings.  

Two of the mini dolls wanted to ride, and were accommodated, so the Afghan hound and King Charles spaniel declined to attend, in case they were pressed into service as, my dear, working dogs!  so we left them clutching their pearls in dismay.

And discovered that the head of one mini doll was a silkworm cocoon I've been looking for all over the place, completely forgot it was part of a doll. Easily removed, though, and can be replaced with a bead.  So the person I promised it to ages ago will now get it.  Helen, this means you.  She was riding last year's Westminster winner.  The doll, not Helen.

It means that the four important things I couldn't find are now found.  As long as I don't go and lose them again, by putting them safely in a place where I won't forget I put them..

And all the denizens of the Dolliver Kennels want to remind you, dear blogistas, that if the show has reawakened your urge to have a dog in the house, please don't buy at a store.  Check local shelter or breed rescue and see if you can't find a friend for life there.  A rescued animal thanks you every day of her life, ask me how I know this.

Meanwhile, the bear who lost his sweater asked for a dolly, and now has two of them to play with to take his mind off being robbed.

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  1. Oh my goodness - is there no end? First there's clothing being stolen and now there's been a beheading!! Never a dull moment at Chez Boud.


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