Friday, February 13, 2015

The Dollivers Wish us All a Happy Valentine's Day

For a lot of us in the northern hemisphere, a new polar express of cold and wind is upon us, a great day to stay at home tomorrow if we can and enjoy the day.  Our southern hemisphere friends are already up to Saturday, and probably blistering hot weather! with the problem of not letting the chocolate melt.

The Ds demanded their red and lace outfits, and the heart mobile was commissioned for their viewing pleasure.

After a while, Elton, who had a new hat for the day, demanded to play with the mobile, chased it around a bit and ended up wearing it as he played the selection commanded by the Ds. 

He went from Red Roses for a Blue Lady, to I Love New York, then on to You Are My Sunshine, Hearts and Flowers, ending with a Few of my Favorite Things.  The Ds. inserted items such as diamonds, new dresses, parties and prosecco to the list of favorites. 

But they also want to remind blogistas, amid cries of work, work, all we do is work around here, when requested to make the reminder, that February 14  is also the last day to enter the giveaway for the Grow Your Blog Party.  

To enter, just make a comment here  and you'll be in the draw.  Make sure I can reach you if you are a winner!


  1. Well I must say that I'm happy to see poor Elton sporting a new hat - poor fellow doesn't get new duds half as often as the other lot. It's a wonder he hasn't gone on strike and refused to take requests!

  2. Happy V day to the Dollivers and to Elton as well. I always enjoy his concerts. :)

  3. Aie, don't suggest it, Magpie! next thing I know all the other bears will be onto it, too. I'll be knitting and stitching my fingers to the bone.


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