Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zero to Twenty. Ah, it's Spring! 6WS

Astonishing how relative everything is.  Yesterday with windchills at 20 below F, and today in the upper 20s F the contrast is as if spring has come.

Went out without a hat, even, got errands at bank and PO and shop done, before the snows return. And the rain and the subsequent expected freeze and ice.

But my beloved 16 year old beater Honda still started up first turn of the key even after sitting out in the cold for days at a time.

No idea if my snowdrops are out, since they're buried.

 Under yar be snowdrops.

Last year they bloomed and faded all under the snow.  Found the little limp stems after it thawed. Same with the pansies, who knows.



  1. Cabin fever time. Hoping for more gradual increase in temp. Rain on top of snow, not good news.

  2. Still minus temps here, but warmer than it was...warm enough to snow. I wonder if we all went outside and simultaneously screamed 'Enough Already' if Ol' Man Winter would pick up his long johns and get lost. We can live in hope.


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