Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Great Freezer Caper Is On! 6WS

I know there are new readers to this blog, and I need to explain 6WS.  Short for Six Word Saturday, as you see from the button in my right column, it's just a bit of fun, where my header is six words only, but does reflect where I am at this point. And some commenters even respond in six words, very skilled of them.  If you want to do a 6WS on your own blog, click on the button, and it will take you to the right place to proceed from.

So, as the days lengthen, and since I've signed up for another year's farmshare, it's time to be serious about what's in the freezer.  Already prepped the same day as picked, chopped, sliced, made into sticks and so on, in many summer frenzied afternoons, all the veggies are ready to cook with.

And remembering I also have a cache of prepped vegs in the freezer next door (!) I need to get busy on my own freezer.  I've made a lot of soup recently, and wanted something a bit different.

So here's today's Zucchini Stick/Red Bell Pepper/Onion bake, flavored with curry leaves you see resting on top -- they'll be removed before serving -- and a big sprinkling of lemon zest, also from the freezer, shake of Parmesan, kosher salt, red pepper.

I'll bake it at about 380 for half an hour, give or take.

The poundcake went over well with both friend and me, and will be dessert.  It was also, toasted, breakfast this morning, with lovely Vietnamese coffee.  Felt quite Viennese. Son missed out on it up to now, because car trouble changed all his plans for the evening and today.  But I'll save some for him.

Update on the Lost and Found: the slippers turned up, wedged underneath and high up, behind the skirt at the front of the sofabed, no idea how they managed to climb up there, invisible to eye or hand during previous searches.  But now they're home.  The bag of beads is still MIA.


  1. I've also begun "eating down" the freezer. Always interesting, and more of a challenge than usual because I am avoiding dairy, nightshades, grains, and sweeteners. Much as I love cranberries - and have several pounds in the freezer - I'm finding it tough to use them in large quantities (like for baking) with no added sweeteners at all.

  2. Slippers found, culprit still at large.

  3. Good luck attacking your stash in the freezer. And here is hoping the beads show up soon!


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