Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taxes done, with special assistance

Turns out Greensleeves is a whiz with the numbers.  Here she is doing final check before the taxes go off in the mail.  


She had the good idea to use my biscornu, originally a pin cushion, as a table for the calculator.  After that, NameMe swiped it for a stool.

The Dollivers, however, retain Mailing Privileges, and they helped at the mailbox as in previous years.  Not without much grumbling and drawing of straws to see who would go out in this cold, and high winds, and the bribe of a brand new handknitted cloak, courtesy of K.  for Dreads.  Blondie Firstborn took the alpaca sweater and hat.

Finally we got the envelopes to the mailbox, just before the mailman arrived to pick up.  

And the homebound Ds were heard to explain that it's worth sending in the taxes because somebody would send a lot of money back, and they could get their high heels. Explained yet again that it's the other way around, and somebody in the Treasury is getting new high heels, but regretted getting into that subject.

Elton, of course, now that Greensleeves chose her new name, is busy with her personal selection.  What happened was that she met the Ds, aka Dollivairs, and the bunny Bon Hiver, and went all posh and demanded a historical name.

So there it is.  Elton brushed up his rendition of Greensleeves, and is in search of other songs with a green theme.  So far he's added in Green Grow the Rushes-o, and The Wearin' of the Green to his repertoire. Just as well to practice now, since once St. Patrick's Day arrives, she'll be in total demand mode.


  1. Tell Elton not to forget "It's Not Easy Being Green."

  2. Oh yes, and surely Barbra Streisand would be pleased to collaborate on a rousing rendition of 'Evergreen'. And the D's would have fun with pitchforks and hoes as they yodel along with 'Green Acres'. New hats all around would be necessary for the 'Ballad of the Green Beret'.

  3. Hey, watch that loose talk about new hats..I just narrowly avoided new high heels.

    But the song suggestions are happily noted, thank you.

  4. Wonderful! Pity on the high heels though, they would totally have rocked in those. :)

  5. happy that Miss Green has a much less stuffy name.
    She originally thought it would make her a murder suspect in CLUE but I fibbed and told her it was worthy of her.
    I am glad she is a math whiz....I didn't get to spend enough time to learn all of her wonderful qualities


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