Monday, February 23, 2015

Miss Green, of GYB, arrives

Miss Green, my one of a kind art doll prize  arrived!  She came from the random selection during Grow Your Blog Party celebrations on CatieAn's blog,  survived a bitterly cold journey which detached her valuable jewelry, and that will be attended to asap, before the Ds swipe it, and was very happy to end up in a warm house again, among the Dollivers.  She brought her own greeting card, too.

The Ds scrutinized her with care, decided she could stay because 1. she has her own clothes and won't want theirs 2. she's smaller than they are, no threat there and 3.  she has high heels so now they all want them, too.

And she decided that she could handle the Dollivers, and was interested in seeing her new surroundings.  

Elton is not in evidence, having retreated, muttering darkly, to the music studio to figure out new piano selections designed to include this new person.  It's always something. Or someone.

CatieAn, thank you so much, and for the card she brought with her!  she's great, and really brightened up the current dismal weather for us all.  And if you want to see the high jinks at CatieAn's blog, go here


  1. Love her! I am sure the Dollivers will too with enough time.

  2. Welcome to Miss Green! I'm sure there should be cake and various bon bons to welcome her.

  3. High heels for the dollivers - that will be a challenge!
    I have hopes of getting to the PO today, so another package should be on its way to you soon :)

  4. Ohh= I am so happy she arrived so safe and sound. It looks like everyone welcomed her with open arms. I am so happy you all like her and look forward to seeing her now and again.
    Big hugs

  5. Wonderful new addition! Hullo Ms. Green


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