Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day. Presidents' Day. Wedding Anniversary 6WS

So much to mark.  Don't know where to start!  You'll notice that when they abolished separate celebrations for Lincoln and Washington, and moved a lot of statutory holidays in the US to the nearest Monday, Lincoln seems to have been bumped.  Just sayin'.  I think the Cherry Pie Makers Full Employment Council won it. 

Cherry pie, for non US readers, being the iconic food to celebrate the man who claimed to have chopped down his father's cherry tree and been unable to practice self-preservation by lying about it.

Wedding anniversary, February 16, 1963 Handsome Partner and I  were married.  No we were not trying for Valentine's Day, cringed at the thought. It was the logistics of a Catholic wedding in the UK, where there being a state religion, not Catholic, priests have no legal authority to marry people, and the city registrar has to be physically present in the church to make it legal. 

Getting the registrar to agree to ANY of the dates the priest offered delayed it from the October date we originally planned on...registrar finally said I'll be there at 3.20 p.m. on February 16, and I will give you ten minutes.  Then I'll leave.  So we had to crush the whole thing into his time requirement.  Reason 45,679 why I'm so happy with the US freedom from a national religion...but it was still a nice day.

Finally, Valentine's Day is for celebrating all kinds of friendship, not just the  romantic red overpriced roses I wish all our blogistas a happy day whatever you're doing.  

Me, it's cowering in the house in zero temps, with a nice glass of merlot this evening and maybe some hot chocolate at some point.  Dollivers it's preening and prancing about in their red dresses with the lace trim.  Elton it's prowling in search of new outfits, after an incautious remark in here yesterday.

Oh,oh, here's an unsuspecting Upstairs Bear playing with his friends.

And here's Elton after a successful Sweater Raid after explaining that it's nice to share on Valentine's Day.

This Is Not Over!  the bears confer on how to raid the sweater back again without having to confront the Dollivers. 

Watch this space for further developments...


  1. Oh oh - there seems to be a revolt in the making. Next thing they'll be wanting picket signs and appropriate songs!

  2. ohhh Maggie...what you might have started...
    it does look like like a bit of cabin fever may be setting in, too

    Nice coup by Elton, however.

  3. The bear in the middle "can't hear what you are saying when I'm not wearing my glasses "

  4. How wonderful! Elton got a sweater. I hope he can keep it though. Those bears look like they mean business!

  5. So interesting about a non-C of E wedding in England. I had no idea, even living there, but upon further thought I believe all the weddings I attended were C of E or the celebration after a date at the registrar. Happy holidays, and good luck to Elton in hanging on to that sweater.


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