Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st, White Rabbits!

Since there's a tradition of shouting White Rabbits on the first of the month, and I must admit I was pipped at the post this time by friend K. texting me at dawn's early light with her shout, the Dollivers got into the act.  Of course.

They demanded that I find the Boehm Bunny, who comes out at Easter, but why not make him play his part in the Great White Rabbits Caper. 

So he's here along with them, two of them in new dresses, great annoyance from the others wondering where their new dresses are...I explained that my wrist is much better so I don't need to do the therapeutic knitting so much.  A likely story, they snarled. 

Bunny, never having appeared on the greater stage in character has no name as yet.  We're thinking Bunniver.


  1. Of course Bunniver! Or Bon Hiver, if he prefers, quite fitting for white rabbits on February 1.

  2. If it makes it any better, I was still in bed when I texted you.

  3. I did not know about rabbits and the first of February I love the name Bunriver
    enjoy your sunday

  4. I learned something once again - never heard of that tradition. Would have thought, being February, that groundhogs would have been more 'the thing'.

  5. Not just Feb. It's for the first of any month. Remember Alice? in Wonderland, that is, except she says rabbits and hares, and is rushing to get it in before it turns unlucky.

    Groundhogs are a North Murcan phenom. Europeans know not of them, but white rabbits they know of.

  6. And I thank the wonderful commenters who have helped name Bunniver, or Bon Hiver as he now insists is only proper. If he gets into a medieval mood, he'll adopt Bunivere.

    But the Dollivairs are kicking up a fuss already..and arguing about whether it should be Dollivair or Dollivere. As Lady Vere de...

  7. Like Mrs. 'Bouquet' vs. Mrs. Bucket in the Brit sitcom!!

  8. ohhh love it and Boniver is a perfectly rabbitly name

  9. What an adorabe bunny! I have a real fondness of bunnies. :) I like the name Bunniver, it sounds really cute.


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