Friday, February 6, 2015

When high tech stumbles, low tech comes through

Boring problems with printer, too dull to go into, while I needed to print instructions, in between frantically making beads for the workshop I'm teaching, to replace the ones that  have vanished, and fruitlessly searching for the pair of knitted slippers, my favorites, also vanished, and  sudden plague of big black buzzing flies, now vanquished I think, ended with my deciding to bake.  It warms the house, cheers me up, and Handsome Son is stopping in this evening, so he can test it out for me.

I thought I'd make my first ever poundcake, from the Moosewood Dessert book.  

This came out pretty well, very nice color and texture, and I'd say nom nom.  I replaced the vanilla essence with almond just to see, and it's okay, too.

So there's a slice across the street for my friend to come home to, with the empty dish she'd brought halvah over in last evening.

I blame Chinese hackers for the missing items.  I bet they deleted them.


  1. I hope they didn't delete your slippers! That would just be mean.

  2. looks wonderful, Liz: have you asked the Dollivers? Or inspected the cat hidey places? its a amazing what can turn up under the sofa...

  3. That pound cake looks simply lovely!

  4. That really does look very nom, nom. Similar to a madeira cake would you say? I always wonder what is the best way to measure a cup full of butter. It seems so much meassier than cutting a slab off the block and weighing it.

  5. Same sort of cake family as madeira, I think. Long time since I had madeira, though. And my butter comes neatly wrapped in sticks, quarter pound each, and measured off in quantities so it's easy to get the right amount of butter. However many spoonsful makes a cup, I mean.


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