Friday, August 1, 2014

Alia jacta est. The Die is Cast!

A grandiose way of saying I'm making sure I finally get painting that living room wall on the fireplace side tomorrow by setting it all up this evening. I'm pretty sure when Caesar said that originally he was probably about to divide Gaul into three parts or invade England or something, actually I think it was about crossing the Rubicon, but oh well, to each his own scenario.

 I finally managed to get out and shop for paint, another pale yellow, this will make four different yellows in the living room, so it doesn't look like the inside of a box or something, I hate rooms all one color.  And I love the way it looks interesting without looking obvious.

 Marigold is clearly very suspicious of all this activity late in the evening.

Where was I? oh yes, and I lined the paint tray with a plastic bag -- you do know this tip, no?  where you line the tray, pour the paint on top of the bag, which takes the shape of the tray, paint away, when it's finished or you are whichever happens first, you invert the bag, tie it off to toss it, tray perfectly clean as before. Saves a ton of cleanup. And I use cheap roller sleeves, and toss them after at most two painting sessions.

I also hauled the furniture out of the recess, the tv on top of an oak cabinet, ow, heavy.  And put down the dropcloths.  And moved the cats' drinking dish, to their annoyance. And put out the paint can and stirrer, inserted the roller into its sleeve, found the painters' tape which I may or may not use, having a steady hand and an aluminum guide.

And took down the artworks, impressed that my cleaners had not allowed a dust buildup there.  And dusted the whole area with my handy electrostatic long handled duster, in fact it was pretty clean, my cleaners are good.

And now I'm off to find the screwdriver which I'll use to get the lid off the paint can tomorrow, the hardest part psychologically of the whole exercise. I already located my Crummy Painting Clothes, having improved from the days when I'd paint in whatever I was wearing, sometimes an unwise procedure.

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  1. Plastic bag trick is one I've always used. SO much better for the environment than trying to wash out the tray and ending up with all that leftover paint going down the drain. I do agree that the worst part of the painting just is the actual starting at it.


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