Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paneer, Pinterest and Perseverance

Locked in battle yesterday over attempting to work with Pinterest.  Very Alice in Wonderland designs there, where you have to do something before you can find out how to do it...I rest my case.  But I did manage to get in, activate my membership, stop unwanted general Pinterest emails, and generally get in gear.

One thing that surprised me, once I was under way, was the people have been merrily pinning from this blog without a by your leave.  Please don't do that, folks!  at least ask.  One good thing, though, the pins I found were all attributed to this blog, the least you can do when you pin.

Anyway, back from high tech, during which I burned a pot because I forgot about it while pursuing Pinterest, and had an avalanche in the freezer shortly after, resulting in frozen stuff in smithereens, hard to tell the containers from the contents, where was I, oh yes.

I had heard my neighbor talk about paneer, so I thought I'd look it up and try it, and, get this, pin the recipe to my board, legally, since it's a big site with Pinterest enabled right on the site. 

And I did make paneer, Indian cheese, very interesting, milder than yogurt cheese, but fun to make.  My Indian friend dropped in during the afternoon and I showed her my results, which she correctly identified as paneer and told me all kinds of interesting stuff to do about it.  So I felt so proud that it had an official seal of approval, or recognition, at least.  

If you go here

you'll find my boards, including on the right my one and only pin to my recipe board. And a huge parade of Dollivers who feel it's high time they were on a world stage.  And the beginnings of uploading artwork, much more to come. Feel free to sign up and follow!  okay, if you don't like to.

And if you look below, you'll see my version of the paneer, not quite as skilled, but certainly very edible, and currently forming part of a nice supper, with fresh farm corn, raw, and tomato.

Nice glass of red wine, too. I shall endeavor not to knock this one all over the place this time.


  1. Oh my word, there will be no living with the Dollivers now that they have their own board!!

  2. It was that or real pearls all around..

  3. Hey there Boud - I think the only way to prevent your blog snaps from being pinned is to make them un-pinnable on your blog...the default for images online now seems to be pin-able.
    I tried to make mine unpinnable, because I really don't want Piper and the gang showing up all over the place, but I have no way to test it to see if it worked. Maybe if you think of it when you visit my blog again you could try to pin a snap and let me know?
    Pinterest IS an incredibly useful place to store recipes and project ideas, and usually when I pin something there is a link to the site of origin that comes right along with it, and a click on the "visit site" button takes me there.
    Now I'll go check out your boards :)

  4. As long as I get the source credit, which so far I have, I'm not an anxious about it. This is not like the theft I had to address a while back, where someone took an entire blogpost, good pix, dollivers in attendance, etc., and posted it as his own original post on his blog, no link, no credit!

    I threatened legal action and he took it down within the hour. But I only found out about it when I was idly googling on my own blogs to see their standing.


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