Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Every Kitchen Needs a Secret Weapon

And this is mine:

It's very spicy and hot, and I shake it over otherwise mild food. I just had a bunch of it sprinkled at the last minute over a potato and tomato salad, farm veggies, very good in themselves but after a bit you need something more lively going on.  Pink salt, freshground black pepper, puffick.

I'm given items like this continually by Indian generous friends who love that I love spicy!  they don't need to mild up foods before offering them to me. 

A couple of days ago, my friend from across the street came running over with fresh cooked food for supper: Indian street food! except made by her at home.  This is the sort of food you'd buy from a food vendor in the Indian street, and she makes lunches for her husband's colleagues, in Manhattan, now and then, since they all have the same dietary restrictions, very strictly vegetarian.

These were two sandwiches, split buns stuffed with potato and chickpea and various other very hot and spicy stuff.  She said ketchup would go well, and she was right.  Glass of red wine, probably not on her diet, also went well.  I had eaten them rapidly before thinking hm, shoulda made a pic of this.  

She also keeps me supplied with fresh curry leaves, which I use in all sorts of things where a lovely deep savory flavor is good. Not hot, though, despite what you might think from the name.

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