Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Late Summer walk by the pond

This has been a wonderful summer, enough rain, plenty of lovely days very few in the high 90s or over, and today is bright shade, in the 80sF, great walking weather.  

So I fitted in a nice stroll by the pond.  Pity you don't have the sound effects of cardinals (birds, that is), catbirds, warblers, barnswallows, frogs shouting and splashing, wind shaking the willow branches.

But here's a virtual walk.  I park the car, cross to the park, then down the walking path, then across the bridge, then  to the end and back, along the water, probably a couple of miles, easy walking in that it's flat, but nice since once across the bridge,  it's earth and grass, not paved.

Here's a Chinese fisherman, who knows there are great fish in these waters, and that the cormorants don't fish as fiercely here as in our other waterways, where they're a great competition for the angler. I saw this man earlier, putting along down the walking path on his ancient bicycle, crate attached to the back as a carrier, rods balanced fore and aft, and here he's getting into the best position to surprise fish in the shallows. 
Here are a few pix of pond flora: cardinal flower, which also sometimes shows up at my house near the downspout, opportunistic grower, then mallows facing the water.  Then across the water at the foot of someone's garden, pink flowers I can't identify, but if you can, please tell.


  1. One wonders why that man should feel such a need to fish from a tree. If he's not careful, he might just end up joining the fish.

  2. I saw cardinal flowers yesterday, but they were too far away for a good picture. Aren't they just impossibly RED! :)


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