Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Dollivers Get in a Jam

Tomato and lemon jam, to be exact.  Call Me Michelle and Bette Davis stood on their diva rights and refused to join the kitchen squad.

But Blondie Firstborn, NameMe and Dreads, kitted up in their kitchen whites, set to to make this year's tomato and lemon jam.
The recipe, which I've changed many times since I first used it, an Amish one which doesn't mind tweaking, is for six half pints of jam, but I make three whole pints, why not.


Then with the able assistance of Dollivers, stationed at various point, we sterilized all my  Mason jars, three, that is, 

zested the lemon using my handy zester, out on its maiden voyage, and very good it is, then sliced the remaining lemon. The recipe says to just slice, but I find the outer skin goes tough in the jam, so this will be better.

Then simmered the tomatoes in the huge pot I use about once a year, add in a packet of liquid pectin, and the lemon, zest, slices, everything, 

and boil it a bit before adding in the sugar and getting it to an unboildownable boil.

At this point I remember each year why it's important to have a huge pot, doesn't bear thinking what would happen if it didn't have room to boil out of all control like this.

And we have three lovely jars of jam, setting up nicely.  And three Dollivers proudly showing their kitchen expertise before leaving me to deal with a mountain of dishes.. they complaining also about being tired, though.

The cook's privilege is to eat the last little bit out of the pan, and wow was it good. Very tangy, more interesting than fruit jams, great for breakfast.  But now I have to make hot biscuits to go with.


  1. youve run them ragged, Liz. They really do look exhausted, all that stirring,and supervising, and boiling down...

    It looks wonderful, just the thing to work on for a late summer day.

  2. I must say my group on the settee had lots of comments to make about how much work you did and how lovely the jars looked when it was done. They are really up on the labours of all sorts of cooking so I consider them experts.

  3. Better watch the sneaky D's or they might eat it all and not leave any for you!

  4. The D's might like to know while they were busy with Tom and Lemon, I was at the same time busy with Blueberry (3 pint jars as well.
    Organic sugar? How?

  5. About the sugar, gift of a friend who was trying to eliminate sugar. I can't see much difference, to tell you the truth, except that it is a kind of golden color, not the pure white of the granulated I usually use. But how it's grown, mystery to me!

    There must be something in this DNA thing, at least in terms of simultaneous actions!

  6. Tangy tomato jam sounds delicious! Go, dollivers!


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