Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Painting Continues

The Rubicon is now in the rearview mirror, and  I'm done for the day.  I did almost all I hoped to do, and the next phase is organizing the stuff away from the window wall.  This involves taking down curtains and swaggy thing, and moving a lot of glass items and maybe reconsidering where to put things after the painting is done.

The picture is about half of what I did.  Finished the fireplace wall and the first of the other recessed walls.

Today I did all the edges around the ceiling and where walls meet, and the baseboards before getting to the fun part of using the roller. And I used two trays of paint, just got to the end of the second as I ran out of wall.   The most strenuous part is the edging along the ceiling, involving climbing up and down and moving the steps bit by bit.  I'm feeling my lost height now.  I used to be able to reach further.  But it still looks okay considering.

I realize you can't tell any difference from yesterday before I painted, but take my word, it's nice!  where there was now dingy formerly soft white, there's soft yellow which contrasts well with the stronger yellow on the next wall.  So I put a different artwork up to see if it worked there, and I think it does.  It's a stitched piece.

I think I'll easily be able to get all this done, so that the new paint meets the first wall I painted, completing the room, well before I need to bring the plants in again from the patio, since that's my deadline.  Most of them go against this very wall for the winter, impossible to work around them without moving all of them again.

So this is nice, and I was visited by a neighbor who had her house repainted recently, after a disastrous flood, and wanted to show me after she'd finished admiring rather mutedly my pale yellow wall. Not her taste, she's more of a strong color person.  So I went over and admired her walls, too!  We're both happy with our choices.


  1. Isn't it a good thing that we all don't like the exact same things! The world would be definitely boring if that were the case.

  2. Once I painted my parlor a very very pale yellow, and I loved watching the subtle color changes throughout the day. Love your idea of slightly different colors in the same room!


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