Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dieffenbachia Delight Part the Second

So I wandered out this morning with my cup of coffee, to see how Mrs. D. was getting on, and, screams of amazement and joy, she has a second flower in progress!  see there at the right of the first, which is now developing, its male and female parts hard at work, see, the base now looks different from yesterday, and an unfurling third leaf behind there, which might even be a third one....


I must say, she's slow to get there, this is over two years' since she had the surgery that made two plants and a dead bit out of the twisted and unhappy plant my neighbor brought me in from the dumpster, Houseplant Rescue to work, but when she does, she's cookin'. 

This is the plant from the original root.  The other one, from further up the stem originally, equally large, doesn't show signs of flower. 

It may be that only the parent root, not the side shoots, can do this, like the wisteria.  You can grow a wisteria up the entire side of the house, tearing the roof tiles off and choking the chimney and never get a flower unless it's the main root you planted.  Not that I plan to plant wisteria any time soon, hate the damn things, vandals of the plant world...

Yes, I know I get a bit carried away, but oh well.


  1. Looks a bit like a Jack-in-the-Pulpit. I'd never seen a D. behave in this fashion!

  2. Am I given to understand that you don't like wisteria? Wow...who knew? Please keep us up on the doings of Mistress Dieff.


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