Saturday, August 23, 2014

Look, a hitch hiker!

The weather seems to be cooling off rapidly, so I've begun to bring in houseplants bit by bit.  The spider plant had a readymade place on top of a high bookcase, so she came in first.

And after fiddling about with a plate in place for the planter, and taking off the hangers it had used to hang from the cherry tree, and navigating a little chair to reach the top of the bookcase,  I got the spider plant, with a lot of new children, set up in place.

It wasn't till then that I realized we had brought in a little traveler. Dear little guy, hanging on firmly to the wall now.  

I'm torn between letting him stay and deal with insects in the house for me, and detaching him from the wall to set him outside where he soon needs to be.

He seems to be in tune with the current artwork -- I'd just got through molding paper over tiles with little amphibians like him on them. To learn more, go here 

Perhaps he thought I needed a few pointers.


  1. Do you think he may have heard about the food frenzy and wanted in on it?

  2. oh isnt he a charmer. yeah, he really needs to be outside where he'll be safer from trompy feet and vacuum cleaners...i love these little frogs, its always a treat to find one.

  3. Aww - such a handsome little fellow! Speaking of dealing with inside insects - my mother, without fail, always brought in a couple of ladybugs every fall to do that very thing. They would be spotted on various plants over the winter and most of the time survived quite nicely.


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