Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Idyllic Summer's Evening Supper

Farmshare day, and this evening's supper was a lovely ear of corn picked this morning, two minutes in the microwave, sliced tomato,  first of the season from the farm, today's picking, with pink salt and fresh ground black pepper, cubes of sharp cheddar.  Nice glass of red wine. 

Dessert loganberries, today's pick, and yogurt cheese, done at home.  Sprinkle of brown sugar over.  Puffick!  for a few moments.  

Right after the dessert picture, I leaned over to put the dinner plate on the pass through, and managed to spill the entire glass of wine over my dress, the lovely Greek embroidered napkin, the placemat, the chair cushion and acres of floor. Amazing how far it went, really.  And since the glass was almost full, I can't blame the wine on it. Just me looking through the wrong part of my glasses.

So rather than sitting happily digesting, I found myself ripping off my clothes and the cushion, placemat, napkin, and doing a rapid stain treatment. They're now, except for the cushion, soaking overnight till I feel like addressing them again.  Sigh. I will never have a future in food design.

Nonetheless it was a wonderful supper, almost all from the farm.  A favorite thing to do.  I did put up in the freezer other items, and there's a quartered melon in the fridge, too.  And I delivered a couple of veggies to my friend across the street to get when she comes home.

I will now attempt to have the glass of wine.   Maybe I should break out a raincoat ahead of time. Meanwhile you do know how to make yogurt cheese, no? 

I do it all the time: turn out your yogurt, mine's nonfat plain by choice, to drain in a cheesecloth lined sieve, over a bowl, don't waste the whey, you can drink it.  After a few hours you have the cheese, which works like sour cream or cream cheese. I put that in a lidded container, and  I use it over baked potatoes, fruit, tomato salad, cucumbers, all kinds of things.  

My Indian friends approve of this, and tell me the Hindi name for it, likewise an Egyptian friend who told me the Egyptian name for it, both of which escape me.


  1. It's a never ending source of amazement to me just how far a spilled glass of anything manages to extend over the landscape. Hope your wine stains will come out of everything!

  2. If you need help lifting any stubborn wine stains, I recommend OxyMagic (for floor, cushions, etc) and Carbona Stain Devils #8 (wine, tea, coffee and juice) for anything that can go in the washing machine. Both available at my Shoprite so probably yours as well.

    Dinner did look super delicious.

  3. Thank you, thank you! I did have OxyClean in the house, but I will make a note of the other items, and get them around.

    Usually I'm busy staining stuff with dyes and paint, not often I have to actually lift stains out!

  4. Oh dear! Of course if all else fails you can always slap everything together as a piece of art!

  5. A perfectly delicious looking meal. Pity about wasting a perfectly good glass of wine.


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