Friday, August 22, 2014

Why it's good to just sit there sometimes or wander about

Last week I got finally around to thinning the pachysandra on the patio, found to my amazement a couple of lovely box planters, buried, the thinning long overdue, now planted with petunia and some shrub, and sitting on the fence.  A lot of tangential activity to that simple need to thin the pachy.

Then yesterday and the two days before, the big reward came -- first sightings in years of a hummingbird busily attending to the petunias.  Flying backwards as they miraculously do, hovering at a terrific rate, just there for a few seconds.  But I was out loafing and reading at the time and that's how I caught sight of her.  Three days in a row.  No pix, no time!

Then today, in the midst of turning out the kitchen, thinning out pots and pans for freecycling, washing the shelfy things that have been there years, amazing how much they needed doing, heavy labor,  I found cachepots and thought I should check if they needed occupants. 

Anyway, I took a break and wandered outside in case I needed to bring any houseplants to occupy them yet, fall seeming to be rushing in, and there, after three years of tlc, the dieffenbachia has thrown a flower!  

I didn't even realize they could. Noticed yesterday what I thought was a new leaf, but here it is opened up, and it's  a lovely surprise of a flower.


  1. By the end of August, I need to do a full turn-out of my little house. This is when a spare room would come in handy. But now I shall be inspired by your dieffenbachia surprise. That's amazing!

  2. I had absolutely no idea that Dieff's even had blossoms either. Wonderful surprise indeed!


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