Sunday, January 15, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough embroider and paint!

Yesterday was of those days when the mail brings a stark reminder of the bad times in my recent past, with the official Medicare accounting of the hospice care for HP, which was substantial, but all covered, thanks to blessed Lyndon Johnson, who forced Medicare legislation through congress in the 60s, nonetheless three pages of terrible reminders.

And the envelope, ah, lovely bureaucrats, sternly insisted that if the receiver was not the patient, they were to send it back unopened. Yeah, the accounting up to the moment of the patient's death. Such logic.

However, after the initial sense of having a grand piano fall on me from a great height, I got into a frenzy of embroidery and had several great new ideas. Once again, art kept me afloat, to mix my metaphors. And it reminded me of some times in the past when I urgently needed to paint or something, anything, and tended to unleash my work on anything that didn't move.

Such as these tshirts, embroidery and painting, great fun to do, and to wear, too. The black tshirts are painted with metallic acrylics, have been washed many times

the white t with regular acrylic.

I don't think I ever made pix of these before. and the strip of fabric is from yesterday, some interesting little experiments related to the dyeing of the big embroidered pieces, one of which is now a bit different from your last view of it.

The black tshirts remind me of the reason artists wear black a lot: it's not to fit in in New York, and not to look mysterious and important, it's because black doesn't show most of the mess you get on yourself in the course of working.

Today's a better day, emotionally speaking, but yesterday was a stellar day in art!

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