Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Late Blooming Amaryllis

I think I've discovered a new species. This amaryllis has been officially growing for over two months now, was originally planned as part of the Christmas decor, and finally, after all this time and foofling around, waited for a snowstorm before bursting out this morning to greet it.

I think she may have an identity crisis going, you know, a white flower opening up despite snow, but I haven't the heart to tell her she's not a snowdrop. the entire snowdrop would fit alongside her flower, like a chihuahua and a Great Dane. You see her here amidst all my adopted and rescued plants. Boston fern and spathiphyllum from the dumpster (and a giant dracaena in the kitchen, also from the dumpster), crown of thorns the many times descendant of my original plant of thirty years ago, tradescantia from cuttings from rescued dying plant of neighbor, begonia from cuttings, several species of them, swiped from various locations, larcenous gardener stuff.

But the flowering went down well, as I enjoyed my winter soup -- tomato, chickpea, chicken, with fresh hot biscuits -- while my lovely neighbor shoveled out my car and my newspaper, and brushed off the car in case I need to get out. He already checked that I had everything I needed in case he should dash to the shops.

All in all, things could be a lot woise!


  1. Your plants look nice and healthy. I've been trying to winter over a few things which are not looking too happy just now. Perhaps will perk up when we get a bit more daylight. Well, I must say, I'm glad someone is getting snow. We've got a smidge here and a smidge there. Next week is supposed to be our annual dog sled races and winter carnival. The races will proably be called off but the rest should be OK. Mother nature is going all screwy.

  2. Very pretty amaryllis. I wish I had the oomph to be as green-fingered as you.


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