Saturday, January 28, 2012

NotBob, a day in the life of Bennett

Rav readers,no,this is not Bob, this is Bennett, my next door neighbor I'm keeping an eye on while his owner is away for a couple of days on family business.

Hyperactive barely does Bennett justice. The nicest guy in the world,but everything is not only a toy with endless possibilities of chase and capture, but his world proceeds at warp speed. It's like having a visiting firecracker in the house.

Duncan gazes zenlike at him, total acceptance, as in: this is the Shakuhachi effect, it is part of my life not an interruption to it. Marigold stares in horror, conflicted as to whether to attack him or run away and hide in my bed. She compromises by snarling, hissing and then running away to my bed.

This is my granddog -- I get to play with him, feed him, take care of him then hand him back!

A typical walk in the life of B.

Here I am, aren't I fun?

everything is my favorite thing!

look, this is interesting.

Oh no, this corner is better.

Oh I heard a dog bark, where, where?

no, only a squirrel.

What this under these leaves, then, hm,

oh wait, I know there's a cat around here. I know it.

I know it. What about in here?

I'm banging, I'm banging, someone will let me in. Okay, I'm in, but where's that cat.

I know I'm warm, I know it.


  1. Thank you so much for my laugh of the day. Bennett looks like he's a handful, but so much fun to have around.

  2. It seems the Dollivers decided to leave the building.

  3. Love this! Such energy! Thanks for sharing, made me smile.

  4. Love, love, love. Bennet is very cute. You will be worn out by the time you get to hand him back.

  5. How adorable, and how active. We had a Lakeland Terrier for many years, terriers are packed to brimming over with energy.Enjoyed the pics of your walk - Jean in Cowtown


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