Friday, January 13, 2012

Socks ahoy, and signs of spring, too

In among all the other adventures lately, I made a pair of cashmere socks, lovely and warm, from harvested yarn.

One sweater has so far yielded two scarves and one pair of socks, and there are still a few little balls of it to go. This is yet another pair of toe up. I really like this pattern, and I have almost enough socks in it.

Then a sign of spring on the patio: snowdrop stems coming up bravely,no blossoms yet,but they'll be along. And in the kitchen, begonia flowers appearing.

The lengthening days are really obvious to plants, though they're very subtle to humans like me.


  1. Oh no, please don't say that spring is on it's way because that means autumn is on it's way over here and we haven't even had summer yet. We have had the wettest holiday period for years. Boo-hoo.

  2. I noticed a week ago my garlic, in the fridge, had started growing a deep green sprout at the center of each clove. Just think of that - in the dark fridge, in the cold, and it knew it was "time". A few of my spuds, nestled in a spud bucket in the walk-in cupboard of doom, have begun growing their tubers. All quiet, in the dark, dreaming their tatery little dreams of spring. Mild here in Calgary, still, but next week snow and frigid double digit below zero temps to come. Maybe spring is heading to your part of the planet, but we're still a long way off, despite the opinions of my garlic and potatoes. - J in Cowtown

  3. Arctic winds today here but your comments reminded me to pop out and take some clippings of Forsythia to force.

  4. Oh, lovely! (and fast knitting, too!)

    I have noticed that the walk home is not quite so dark, but I find that I don't feel the change of the seasons until I can start reading at the bus stop in the morning without a little flashlight.

  5. It's a brrrrrr day here but at least the sun was showing itself. Nice cashmere socks are just the thing for cold temps.


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