Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends, Piano Players and posters, lend me your ears

Alternate title: why I love this neighborhood, real and virtual.

The real one: I stepped out of the front door to pick up my mail and there, on the bench outside, is a teddybear playing the piano. Shades and everything.

No note, no explanation. This is how I know it's my neighbor friend who is organizing his house by bringing stuff to me to freecycle and thrift!

So I brought him in to check the battery situation, and he was immediately mobbed by Ds. They screamed with joy, at last, an accompanist! finally Boud has done the right thing for their musical soirees, to complete the close harmony. Boud did get off a sardonic comment to the effect that it was the only kind of harmony she'd seen around here lately, and they flounced away, organized themselves into a group, sniffed when Boud asked did they mean a group of groupies, and demanded a photo opp with their new idol. Which had to include two shots, one with Blondie's reflection in the piano, and one with NameMe's reflec.

I haven't had the heart to break it to them that he's only here on the way to there.

Then there's the usual wonder of dialog on the internet, my virtual neighborhood, where I often find that my comments intended to be funny are read with dead serious literalness by some readers who rush to offer me help with my problems. Yesterday there was a semi-serious discussion of house organization and getting help via email from a website devoted to this stuff, which tended to fill the email box. So I asked if the website had a cure for the clutter of helpful hints they'd created in the email box. Just a funny little remark.

So someone gets back and explains in great detail exactly how she copes with her incoming email inbox. And I sez, oh dear, I was only joking, I wish I had a joke alert icon. Today another kind soul stops in to explain how to bracket my joke with alert info.....I give up. I guess if you're intent on organizing there is no time for humor. Or at least it's one of those things that are Not Funny. to me there isn't anything that isn't funny at least now and then.

As they say, cheerfulness keeps breaking in!


  1. Oh my. Very serious people can be a worry and very funny too. Unfortunately they don't often know when we are taking the Mickey.

  2. I, for one, think you should keep the piano player - the D's are sure to revolt if you don't. And - a little side note for you - at one point I made the comment on my blog to say I was suffering from 'piles' (meaning, of course, piles of STUFF). I had one well-meaning person comment about the benefits of Preparation-H. Obviously we were talking about two different types of piles!!

  3. The world is just full of wonder we consider ourselves as the genius quotient.

  4. Your piano player looks like Elton John. No, really, he does - J in Cowtown

  5. Be careful separating them from their new idol. Fans can be so fanatical!


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