Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Dollivers in Stitches

To let Boud get on with her embroidery, the Ds gallantly offered to do the taxes for her this year. State and Federal, both for her and for HP, very emotionally difficult for her, so they stepped in, and armed with pens and pencils, studied the forms and books and schedules and came up with a new category: Schedule THFD, Too Hard For Dollivers.

And could they do the production line sweatshop they meant embroidery, again, instead?

Boud took over and finished the drafts, despite conflicting advice from the IRS (the federal tax agency) as to which forms and how and so on, and simply did her best. When she recovers, she will fill the final forms out and send them, in the hope that the $$ owed will come soon.

Meanwhile, while the wannabe accountants were scratching their heads and thinking good thing we kept our workout clothes on, this is a workout in itself, I pressed the green piece

and the new dyed piece, here's a detail

where you can see the metallic gold running stitches curving all around the designs. Here's a bigger version. This is a long narrow piece to be hung vertically.

I decided this was enough over stitching, since there's plenty going on here already. But the brown silk pieces still need a bit more happening. And then there's the other dyed piece waiting patiently to be designed. It's all go! and finally, I'll get to this week's stitch challenge, which doesn't look much different from last week's, but maybe that's just me...


  1. Oooooo purdy. I'm loving both of these. So much nicer to look at than tax forms.

  2. Agree with Minimiss.
    As a matter of interest, yesterday I was introduced (via MA) to the art of Annemeike Mein. Check it out. Amazing fabric sculptures.

  3. boud, these are stunners. There's so much energy in them, and a certain wholeness (although that does sound kinda whoo-hoo) that makes them very exciting to look at, and very calming at the same time. beautiful stuff, and I am (pleasantly) green with envy.

  4. Does your 'green piece' have a name? It's absolutely spec-tack-you-lrrr! One of those things I wish I could see (feel!) in person. Must admit I almost get a headache just contemplating all those forms (which is why I haul all our income tax stuff to a person who claims to know what they're doing).


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