Monday, January 30, 2012

GrandDog home again, work resumes!

Bennett the GrandDog is home again, visited with his owner this morning to make his bread and butter thank yous, and I can work again.

I'm on the polyester gauze piece, seeing interesting new problems and challenges and all that, and I really like using embroidery as a raw material for the artwork rather than an end in itself. If you're interested, not wanting to inflict it on readers for whom it's not as gripping as it is for me, go here

Aside from that, life without a tv service continues to be interesting, since there's an endless supply of great DVDs at the library, ranging from Dorothy Sayers with excellent actors playing Harriet and Peter, perfect for the part, Hamish MacBeth, puzzling to anyone who didn't hang out with a Scot for a long time, but very well done mysteries, Monk, hilarious detective mixed with pathos. And a long list awaiting my viewing pleasure.

And I'm finding more Muriel Sparks I hadn't read, The Bachelors and the Abbess of Crewe, that's two books, not the adventures of a bunch of bachelors at loose in an abbey. But that does sound like a good premise for a sitcom...

And I'm slowly but surely coming to the top of the list for Downton Abbey, which will be all but forgotten by the time I see it.

Now I have to organize my music stuff ready to play early music with me mates this afternoon.


  1. Love, love, love Downton Abbey. Eagerly awaiting the Christmas special on the box tomorrow night. Enjoy when you get to it.

  2. PS. Great to be able to send the grands (kids or dogs) home eh?

  3. The embroidery looks lovely! I hope to give it another go one day! You continue to be an inspiration!


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