Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Readin' o' the Green

One of the best Christmas greetings ever arrived, and the Little Dolls and the Tiny who qualified with the official green outfits, won the lottery to pose with it.

This card, don't squint to read it unless you read Irish! is a lovely Christmas wish, the card from a specialized collection, in Irish. The big deal to me, too, is that it came from the granddaughter of the Irish nationalist language maven who wrote the first children's alphabet book in Irish. She herself is the only person I know who is totally fluent in Irish, a scholar of the language and culture, and a wonderful person to know. It's one of those places where there are no degrees of separation at all from the great river of Irish literature and intellectual life. Aedin, you made my New Year, thank you!

It did cause some ructions amongst the rest of the group, however who all claimed they were too, fluent in Irish, and ought to be not only in a picture, but reciting it in a video. With voice doubles, of course. But I explained that this is a low tech blog, and that videos are for another they flounced away to practice their Irish pipes and drums, and ignored my challenge to name them in Irish. I wouldn't be surprised that there's some pushback to be expected about the middle of March.


  1. I love all things Celtic - Irish, Scottish, Welsh. What a lovely surprise to receive. No wonder there was squabbling in D-land.

  2. Yes, you'd better prepare for these wee ones to come out & perform in another month or sooooo, especially since they're off practicing (McNamara's Band perhaps?)


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