Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dollivers Get Fit

So Team Dolliver had observed Boud doing her weight training and other puzzling moves, and thought if she could do it, decrepit old crone, surely lithe young athletic Ds. could, too, and look very cute in their gym outfits, too. And this is an Olympic year, so it's not too soon to get in training if they are to be on the US women's weights team this year.

After a loud discussion about uniforms and no agreement at all on which outfit to go with, they all chose their faves and decided that the headbands would be the unifying element. High time there was a unifying element, come to think of it.

So they emerged from the dressing area, organized themselves to watch Mary Ann Wilson and her weight training DVD, studying correct form and noting that their outfits were much sharper than hers, at least they thought so.

But they envied her socks, and Boud firmly refused to knit five pairs of scrunchy socks for their training sessions.

And with Elton obligingly playing encouraging music in the background

they practiced lifts and presses and realized that some teamwork

was required to work the big weights.

At this point Boud has been delegated to seek out the application blanks for the Olympic trials and be sure and find out what sort of gear the US team will be wearing this year, because if the clothes aren't really cute, what's the point.

Meanwhile they are relaxing back at the clubhouse, sipping cool health drinks while Elton shakes his head and wonders about these women he's found himself dealing with here.


  1. Methinks Boud had better be sure to have a goodly supply of liniment ready for tomorrow - the D's are sure to need it after lifting such heavy objects.

  2. The headbands definitely give them all the look. The look may well be all they want in a day or two.

  3. just loving your dollivers, and their training session, i'll be back for more of this.


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