Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food artist at work!

My friend Girija invited me over to see a couple of artworks in fruit she made for a special event, before the guests devoured them!

a true artist, she said, oh, it's easy, while I was admiring the strawberries carved into roses, and the apple turned into a swan and all the other food marvels. A tree executed in fruit

a landscape of fruit

Art at its best: beautiful, interesting and ephemeral. Play with your food!


  1. What beautiful plates! She is indeed an artist.

  2. Very artistic. Almost good enough to eat ;-) Good to see some kiwifruit in there.

  3. And just how many years did our parents spend trying to drum into us not to play with our food? Glad your friend didn't listen!

  4. I just finished making radishes into fans and cherry tomatoes into tulips and popped in to see what you were up to. The competition is crushing !!

  5. MMM! making me so hungry! Lovely lovely!


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