Friday, July 1, 2011

Dollivers on Tour

The concert scheduled for this evening took place in a different county, this is the Big Time for the Dollivers. A road trip for the ensemble.

First they were introduced to their partner in crime, Stefi M., who showed them around her new harpsichord

Then, since they brought their own audience just in case there was a poor showing, all the best ensembles arrange for a claque, you know, they held a gracious Meet and Greet

before the performance, with their pearled and white gloved followers.

The audience then took their places

and the Dolliver Trio launched into a spirited rendition of various dances of Bach, Couperin and other early composers, Asian flute and continuo on harpsichord.

After their part of the recital, they retired to their traveling bag, while Stefi M. and Boud took over what was left of the evening to struggle through a few new pieces, dances from the 16th and 17th centuries, for alto recorder and harpsichord continuo.

It was the maiden concert voyage of the new harpsi, as well as the first serious gig for the Dolliver Trio. A triumph! Muffled cheering emanating from the traveling bag all the way home.


  1. I would love to have heard your music. I always wanted to play a harpsicord. What fun for all concerned.

  2. It was clever of you to hide the Dolliver Trio in that traveling bag. What with the crazed fans and the even more crazed paparazzi, big stars have to be cautious in public. Have you done any more thinking about their dressed-in-black, sunglasses-wearing bodyguards?


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