Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day 2011

We all, people, Dollivers, and kitties, wish you a Happy Fourth if you observe Independence Day in the US, or a Happy Monday if you don't!

Around here, the cradle of the Revolution, we are infested with historical sites of this and that, and some of the houses that were commandeered by various troops in and around the Battles of Princeton, Trenton and Monmouth, went right on being private homes, and you have to know where they are to know they're historic! but we do have battlefield commemorating the events, and local place names still with the signers names on them.

Streets like Washington Road, Stockton Street, Mercer Street and so on. And a lot of those families are still around, too, never say die.

Anyway, despite the stormy weather which brought our camping friends next door home early, the Poconos being no place in a lightning storm, and our other friends at home in the first place, we are all cheerful and in good form.


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