Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I crochet so I won't kill people...

This is a famous knitting expression, when asked why you knit. Same applies to crochet.

But first the good news. Wonderful skies for the Fourth of July, which I pictured to show to HP who loved them.

Then lovely mail from true friends, book of great NZ photographs, which has now become the main item for HP's day, resulting in complete spoken sentences, to my great joy! and postcard with great Canadian mountain pictures and lake. HP has always loved mountains and always had a calendar of mountains on his wall. And great chatty letter from another Canadian friend complete with tales of monkey business. This is all so great. And postcards with lovely letters from the Outer Banks, where we used to go camping for a couple of years way back when we were young and strong! Ocracoke, the Wright Brothers, Kill Devil Hills, all that, wonderful lighthouses, anyway K. sent us great pictures which more or less stirred up memories for HP. And definitely did stir up memories for me.

Then the reason for my blogpost title today: my home health aide, not the lovely Helen, who is on vacation, but her deputy, who came out last Friday, worked the shift with Helen to make sure she knew the details, etc., and guaranteed to show up for the two weeks of Helen's know the rest of this sentence. Never showed up, tonight, the first of her supposedly four visits. Left me high and dry, unhelped, no call, no explanation, desperately wondering how to salvage the evening plans, including the total care of HP which she was supposed to do tonight.

Since I do not have any way to contact her, she being an employee of Helen, not up to me to make sure she shows after she's agreed to do so, I have no way of knowing what happened. Or if she will show the rest of the two weeks. Or how to plan for this, not knowing what to expect. This is why I fired the other agencies, since it was more stressful never knowing what to plan for than simply doing all the heavy lifting myself.

So rage fueled the crochet of the evening, resulting in a shopping bag and a half for me to use instead of the eternal plastic!

The lemons this no show fired at me have been turned into, um, margaritas or something! the yarn is from the stash that I was given via Freecycle the other day.

Other piece of good news: since I was forcibly kept at home, I was there when my neighbor came over to visit and in the course of our chat he mentioned he has somewhere a clarinet he bought for his daughter, who dropped clarinet after a year, typical story of high schooler, and if he can find it, it's mine!!! I have never played clarinet but would gladly teach myself. Never played a reeded instrument at all, so that would be a new adventure.

And I hope I can refrain from stabbing someone with it...


  1. I would be very tempted to have the crochet hooks, knitting needles, clarinet and any other sharp pointy objects set up as a booby-trap for when your MIA home help turns up - if she ever does!!! The only other thing I can say is, "I hope she hasn't met with a terrible accident." Truly rude and inconsiderate when people don't front up, either in person or on the phone.

    Rant over. Nice that you have been received goodies from all over and especially nice to hear that they have had such a good effect on HP. May it continue.

    Hang in there. Helen will be back.

  2. I played clarinet in high school. I love the sound.

    If that deputy aide hasn't been run over by a bus, I'll run her over with my car. Apart from hospitalization and death, I can't think of a good reason for her NOT to call and say she can't make it.

    I love your crocheted bag.


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