Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Survival Kit, yes, we would like one!

Our new normal continues, HP sleeping mainly, taking milk smoothies I make for him, with great local honey, tofu, fresh fruit and milk. The hospice people have unloaded here a Survival Kit, which includes water bags, solid food, flashlight, radio, whistle, all that. This is not so much a hospice thing as a general purpose snowmageddon or sunmageddon or rainmageddon preparation, I guess. They tell me this is standard issue nowadays wherever the homecare people go.

Duncan examined it with care, figuring that survival includes chunks of ham, and was quite sad to see that it was just dull old wrapped items.

And the weaving has been a nice diversion, on weaving sticks and on straws, as seen here.

You will have astutely noticed that I'm back in business with a computer and uploaded pix, all thanks to the prince formerly known as HS, who took over the whole thing, tried various fixes, ended up conferring at the shop, got me a new notebook, and brought it over and installed it last nght, complete to uploading all my programs so I was ready to go. What a huge difference this makes. Murphy was working overtime this week, when one of my most acute needs, to communicate, was done in by a computer reaching the end of its days, and entering its own electronic hospice.

I have had wonderful messages of support, mail, flowers from dear Trish, and it's all so helpful, to show Andy and share with him while I still can. I love that.

So I took a picture of him with T's bouquet up front, as I showed it to him, and he drifted off to sleep, peacefully. This is how he is most of the time now, but very peaceful, occasionally smiling in his sleep, and when he's awake very appreciative of the care around him.

And neighborhood friends are keeping watch for me


  1. Absolutely stunning flowers. And a lovely vigilant neighbor! HP is looks so peaceful.


  2. Great to see you are back in communication mode and things seem to have settled a little.

  3. How thoughtful of Prince, he really came through.... again. Thanks for sharing the photos of a glimpse into your life these days.


  4. Princes (and Princesses) are so wonderful, aren't they. We are blessed. Hope the peaceful sleeps and days stay calm for you. Many thoughts.

  5. Hey dear Liz, I've been reading and commenting for several days now, but somehow my comments are not showing up.

    Hopefully this one will show up. At any rate, know that one more person in Texas is thinking of you, and just holding you all in the light.

    It is truly Liz-typical to post a cool knitting pattern in amongst all the rest, and I have duly become excited and determined to use it somehow.

    It's so hard to think of where you and A are in your journey together. You remain my example of grace and practical love in this stage as in others. Glad you have kitties and knitting to see you through!

  6. Thinking of you as always. Lovely pictures. Best of wishes and I'll check in again soon.

  7. Thanks for all the updates. Continuing to listen, and to care. Glad you're back on a working computer, that's one less thing to wrestle with!

  8. Glad to hear you have a new communication device - amazing how we grow to depend on them. Also very glad to know that HP is peaceful, which makes your caregiving much easier. Good thoughts headed your way!


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